DJI vs. Parrot vs. Yuneec vs. 3D Robotics vs. GoPro: Drones Compared
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DJI vs. Parrot vs. Yuneec vs. 3D Robotics vs. GoPro: Drones Compared

DJI has the Mavic which has a full-size drone that feels more portable doing to folding up. Parrot has an assortment of mini-drones aimed more at children. Yuneec will work well if you’re concerned primarily about video and picture stability mid-flight. 3DRobotics has program specifically for businesses that need to do surveying, though they also have single drones like the Solo. GoPro has the Karma drone with an app to let friends assist in using the drone.
Covered in this report
DJI — Best Features
Foldable drone only weighs 743 grams with compact dimensions.
High power to weight ratio for the Mavic.
Best for: Those looking for a full size personal drone they can take with them anywhere.
Parrot — Best Features
Mini drones can carry objects up to four grams.
Mambo drone comes with cannonballs and grabber for playing games.
Best for: Those looking for mini drones with a high degree of maneuverability.
Best deal: Up to 40% Off Parrot Products From Amazon - [activate coupon]
Yuneec — Best Features
Five different modes for getting pictures based on your activity.
Indoor Positioning system allows drones to hold their position.
Best for: Those looking for drones primarily to take pictures at social gatherings.
3D Robotics — Best Features
Site Scan controls a drone in full automation.
Autodesk integration allows you to get full data for business projects uploaded.
Best for: Businesses that need drones for a specific project.
GoPro — Best Features
Constant software updates to devices including cameras.
View flight through phone using Passenger app.
Best for: Fans of GoPro that want to primarily use those cameras.
Best deal: Up To 40% Off GoPro Products From Amazon - [activate coupon]

Drones have spread quickly across the current market, so there are now a huge number of them everywhere. Here are some of the most prominent brands, complete with a comparison between them.


DJI has some solid beginner drones, including especially the highly portable Mavic line.


  • Free Shipping-Spend $89 and you’ll get it delivered to you for free. Most things on the site cost this much so it shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Portable Drones-The Mavic Pro gives you 27 minutes of flight time and 4k video resolution, but it only weighs 743g with compact dimensions when folded up.
  • Power-The Mavic is known for its power, especially given its high degree of portability.



There’s a lot of variety when it comes to drones from Parrot. You have the Disco FPV, which can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, for example. IT comes with a VR helmet and controller. Or, you have the mini drones with cannonballs that are for playing games.


  • An Assortment of Mini Drones-If you want something that’s a bit more for hobbyists, there’s the mini drone Mambo that’s less than $100 and comes with cannon balls and baskets to play with as well as other accessories.
  • High Speeds-The Disco FPV drone is shaped like a giant wing with a propeller in the front, making it look like a plane from a World War. It can get up to speeds as fast as 50 MPH, plus it has the camera out front.
  • Full Immersion-Many drones come with a VR headset so that you can feel fully immersed as you fly it as if you are yourself the drone.


Yuneec is known for drones such as the Breeze 4K. There’s also the Typhoon and the Tornado lines as well. There are a number of notable features for the Breeze regarding automation and picture taking.


  • Indoor Positioning System-This system allows the Breeze to resist the wind when outside in order to hold its position and take photos from that position if this is what you want.
  • Propeller Protectors-The Breeze and other drones have special cages around propellers to prevent them from bumping into stuff while they are indoors.
  • 5 Flight Modes-You can choose between selfie, pilot, orbit, journey, and follow me modes, depending on what you want the drone to do. These are obviously effective for different things, depending on what you want it to shoot.

3D Robotics

3DRobotics is a totally different kind of company that’s aimed at entire teams and businesses instead of on individual buyers.


  • Site Scan for Full Automation-You don’t have to actually fly the drone with Site Scan. You just outline an area in the program and the drone will fly through the pattern you indicated and then land itself, doing whatever video or picture actions you dictate.
  • Autodesk Integration-The cloud connection makes it so that you can get all the data you want coming in through Autodesk. It’s a big feature and it will only work for those who need full cataloging of an area for whatever reason pertaining to houses, surveying, or whatever else.
  • Data Overlay-This will work to overlay actual data with site drawings, which is big if you’re doing a huge construction project.


GoPro is known primarily for its cameras, but they have released a drone called the “Karma” which gets some positive reviews online, but many say that options like the Mavic are often a bit better given the price. It will appeal to GoPro enthusiasts, though, for certain.


  • Karma Controller-The controller is specific to the Karma drone, and it’s set up in game controller style with a little video screen.
  • 30 Day Guarantee-You get the 30-day guarantee with the Karma. This isn’t exactly a huge amount of time, though, so it’s best to determine issues quickly.
  • Software Updates-One of the benefits to getting something from a huge brand name is that you get constant software updates. You can check this from the main karma page on the GoPro site.

Head to Head


DJI drones start at around $1000 for their Mavic Pro and go all the way up to $3000 or so for the Inspire 2, so there’s a huge range there. The right price for you will depend on what you want out of a drone. The good thing is that the Mavic Pro is one of their more popular brands, and it’s designed for personal use, while at the same time being particularly inexpensive generally as far as drones are concerned.

Parrot has a mix of mini-drones and the full-size drones, with the mini-drone Parrot going for $100. An example of one of the full-size drones is the Parrot Disco FPV that goes for just under $1000.

Yuneec has the Breeze 4K which goes for $500, making it just about exactly middle of the road between the mini drones from places like Parrot that go for $100, and the standard full-sized drones from most places that go for $1000 on the average. Some areas sell it for as much as $150 less depending on sales.

Pricing for 3D Robotics is fundamentally different than the others because the entire point of the company is different than as a single purchase. Ass such, the cost for 3Drobotics is measured for the entire year instead of a one-off buy. It comes to $12,175 for drone, camera, gimbal, cases, batteries as well as a year of license fees for their Success Services and Site Scan. Obviously, this isn’t going to be what you want if you just want the one drone, but if you need extensive work done through drones, it could be. There are some options like the 3D Robotics Solo drone which aren’t available from the company’s website. This goes for $340.

The GoPro Karma will run you $800, but it does appear to be unavailable fairly often. It’s worth keeping an eye on the site to make sure they have inventory before you get your hopes up about buying.

Overall, most single drones are going to run between $100 and $1000, depending on range, speed, size, portability, and other features. The Breeze 4K and the Disco, as well as the Mavic, are in the thousands of dollars as opposed to the Karma which is $800. However, the Karma has reviews saying that it does a bit poorly in terms of keeping the horizontal tilt and shakiness to a minimum, so the extra money is definitely yielding obvious results in the higher-end models.


The Mavic Pro from DVI is reviewed as having a unique chassis that can be folded up to make it highly portable. It’s billed as your personal drone that you could bring with you on trips, especially given its light weight. The drone lies flat when you put it down, all the weight centered on short legs from each of the arms. You can fit a camera, drone, controller, extra lenses and other accessories all in a small backpack. The range on the drone is about 4.3 miles and you can use a headset control system to get a bird’s eye view. They drone has both GPS and GLONASS technology for making sure you don’t lose communications with the system at any time.

Parrot has the mini drones like the Mambo that are good for playing games since it comes with a cannon, a grabber and 50 cannon balls for shooting balls and catching them among drones. The Disco has a range of about 1.24 miles and a battery life of 45 minutes. It is fast and maneuverable because of its wing shape.

One of the more notable features from the Yuneec Breeze 4K is the number of options it has for automation. This appears to be more than what you get from the other options like the Parrot, for example. You can have it follow you, you can have it fly away and then back again, you can have it circle around you, you can have it hover to take a photo of you, or you can just go into Pilot mode for full control. This is why the features of the Breeze are more conducive to photos than other drones.

3DRobotics is all about the Site Scan. This basically just instructs a drone to fly over an area that you’ve pre-selected and catalog it for you. If you don’t need this type of feature due to not wanting drones for surveying or other related tasks, then you really won’t need a 3DRobotics drone in this way. If you’re looking for single drones, there’s the Solo, not available from the main site, that can hook up with a GoPro and has automated gimbal tilt adjustment. It also has return-to-home safety features and compatibility with Android.

The GoPro drone, Karma, has some features related specifically to playing around with friends. For example, you can use the Passenger app to watch your friend fly the drone and you can even control the camera itself while they fly as well. GoPro features will largely appeal to GoPro enthusiasts who want to use the drone for fun and sports related activities.

Overall, the features match up will go to different drones depending on your preference in features such as weight, automation and so on. For example, the Breeze weighs just under a pound, whereas other drones, such as the DJI Mavic Pro, weight over a pound and a half. If you’re counting pounds due to a lot of travel, this could matter. The trade-off is that Mavic has longer flight time by far since the Breeze only lasts 12 minutes.


DJI Mavic Pro gets good reviews from Cnet at 4 out of 5. The site Pocket Lint also gives it a 4, as does PC Mag and a number of other sites. It’s a highly popular company and drone, and the reviews all laud the Phantom for having abilities like detecting certain parts of the ground and containing enough automation to prevent accidents.

Reviews for the Parrot Disco are decent at 7 out of 10 from Digital Trends. Another popular drone is the Bebop which also gets 7 out of 10 at Digital Trends, as well as a 3.5 out of 5 from Cnet. It does get a poor review from Wired, though, at 5 out of 10. The review from Wired praises the Bebop’s equipment, but the claim is that other drones in the same class just do more. Digital Trends defends its positive review by pointing to the Bebop’s low price, portability, and durability. The drone is also effective at flying itself. Negative reviews for the Bebop point out that the tablet controls are tough to use and the battery and range are poor. The range is only 250 meters whereas the Disco, for example, goes for 1.24 miles.

Drone reviews for Yuneec about the breeze range from a 6 out of 10 rating from Tom’s Guide which just calls it a “flying selfie stick,” to the review from which has a 4 out of 5 rating and the Digital Trends rating which is also positive at 7 out of 10. Tom’s Guide is positive about how the drone is easy to fly and does a good job with pics and video as well as portability, but it criticizes the shakiness of a lot of captured video, the lack of other features, and other problems like a dearth of pre-programming.

3DRobotics reviews center around the Solo, rather than their drone service. PC Mag gives them a “good” review with 3.5 stars, with positive points for having smart shots you can repeat and the ability to sync up and power a GoPro. Negative points come from a short battery life and a bad GPS option. The drone apparently also drifts when it’s supposed to be stuck in place. Other positive reviews for 3DR focus on the Iris+, with positive reviews from Sciatonics and DronesGlobe at 9 and 8 out of 10 respectively. Tom’s Guide also has positive reviews for the Solo with an 8 out of 10.

GoPro’s main drone is called the Karma, and it gets positive reviews from Engadget, Tech Crunch and Tech Radar. This isn’t universal, however, as the PetaPixel site says that the Karma compares poorly with the DJI Mavic. Drifting is apparently a real problem with the Karma, as is horizontal tilt.

Overall, reviews for drones help to illuminate differences such as how the 3DRobotics Solo has trouble hovering in place, especially when compared to the Yuneec Breeze, which has an Indoor Positioning System specifically designed for this.

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