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Ajrichies.com Website Review & Ratings + AJ Richies Coupons

AjRichies is a retail store of the latest consumer electronics such as digital cameras, camcorders, blu-ray and DVD players, headphones, speakers, amplifiers, tuners, microphones, turntables for audio and video equipment, television sets, projectors, home theater systems, and accessories like batteries, binoculars, card readers, carrying cases, chargers, cleaning kits, memory cards, printer cables, screen protectors, tapes, tripods, lens, remote controls and many others. They provide products from some of the best brands like Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and Sony. Their prices are very competitive, much lower than those offered by most retail stores online.

AjRichies aims to make customers feel confident, comfortable and happy with their purchase through professional and friendly staffs, quick shipping times, and easy return policy. With over 15 years of experience, AjRichies has become one of the online electronic retail stores patronized by many people.

AJ Richies: What makes it different?

Product specialization. Unlike other retail stores that cover all sorts of consumer items, AjRichies concentrates on photo and video products. Their way of specializing in these products makes customers remember and support the company.

Wide and quality selections.  You can shop at AjRichies.com in two ways – by category and by brand. For categories, items are grouped as Digital Cameras (e.g. DSLR digital cameras, flashes, lenses, point and shoot digital cameras), Camcorders (e.g. pro video, flash memory, and HDD hard drive), Audio & Video (e.g. blu-ray and DVD players, DV mixers, headphones, home security, iPod speakers, receivers, amps, tuners, speakers and turntables), and Accessories (e.g. batteries, binoculars, chargers, filters, projector lamps, straps, surge protectors, etc.). As for brands, AjRichies offers products from at least 35 leading names in electronic industry like Canon, Casio, Epson, HP, JVC, Mitsubishi, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Vidpro. All their products are brand new unless otherwise stated. They come factory fresh from the manufacturer with all original accessories included.

Excellent prices. AjRichies offers some of the lowest prices among many retailer stores in the World Wide Web. It is the one of the few shops that provides brand new products at very affordable prices. Not only that, they also offer free shipping and countless discounts, coupons, and deals.

Excellent ordering process. This is another great feature about AjRichies, as indicated by several reviews. The ordering process is easy, smooth and straightforward. Checkout is quick and easy as well, sparing customers of inconvenience and unnecessary headaches. On top of this, they have an on-line order tracking system to guarantee security and delivery of items.

Good customer service. AjRichies also has accommodating and professional staffs. They have live customer representatives which are cordial, dynamic, and entertain queries gladly. In case of unavailability of items needed, they recommend appropriate replacements or substitutes. Moreover, customers are also assured of information confidentiality at AjRichies.

Excellent website. AjRichies has a comprehensive and well-organized website, complete with product information and prices. Customers find little trouble finding the products they wanted.  With their user-friendly website, online shopping experience is made easy and fun.

AJ Richies vs. primary competitors (sites similar to AJ Richies)

DigicamGuides.com has published a short list of the best online digital camera retailers which includes Adorama, B&H Photo Video, J&R, and Amazon. I browsed through other sites and more or less, the same names come out.

Adorama specializes in photography cameras. They offer all of the digital cameras on the market today, including countless accessories like lenses, batteries, tripods, flash units, and filter. Their prices are also relatively low.

Like Adorama, B&H is another retailer offering brand new electronics from almost all brands. Customers have so much to choose from their collections, and B&H always sees to it that they do not run out of stock on all their items.

J&R also offers great choices of cameras and accessories for their customers. However, J&R appears to be more of a general retail store so they do not necessarily have all the specialty camera equipment than Adorama and B&H.

It would not be a surprise that Amazon is to be included. Almost all retailers and resellers are affiliated with Amazon. Hence, you can expect to find all camera and video products here.

AjRichies may not have greater product diversity than Adorama, B&H, J&R, and Amazon. However, AjRichies outwits these companies with the competitiveness of their prices. For example, consider the price offered by these retailers on Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera (Body Only):

J&R: $3,299.00 (with 21 Megapixel Digital SLR Kit with 24-105 mm Lens)

Adorama: $2,399.00

B&H: $2,349.00

Amazon: $2,234.34

AjRichies: $1,879.95

From the figures above, AjRichies seems to be the best place to shop for items at a really good price.

AJ Richies: Pricing & packages

AjRichies offers their products at prices lower than many reseller stores. Here is a short list of the prices that AjRichies offers for some DSLR Camera and its comparison to most retail prices.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i (Body): Retail price is $899.99; AjRichies’ price is $445.00

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV (Body): Retail price is $5,499.95; AjRichies’ price is $4,795.00

Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm VR Lens: Retail price is $599.99; AjRichies’ price is $419.99

Nikon D3x (Body): Retail price is $8,599.95; AjRichies’ price is $7,999.99

Panasonic DMC-G3 (Black): Retail price is $599.95; AjRichies’ price is $549.99

Pentax K-5 (Body): Retail price is $1,599.95; AjRichies’ price is $979.99

Samsung NX100 with 20-50mm Lens (Black): Retail price is $599.95; AjRichies’ price is $409.95

Sony Alpha DSLR-A500 (Body): Retail price is $599.95; AjRichies’ price is $499.95

Sony Alpha DSLR-SLT-A77 with 16-50mm Lens: Retail price is $2,999.00; AjRichies’ price is $2,699.00

For the complete list of all their products, prices and comparison, including some exciting discounts and deals, visit the company’s website here.

Payments can be done through American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, COD, money order, purchase order, and personal check.

Most packages are shipped within 1-2 business days. They often offer free shipping on many items.

For more information on shipping policy, including loss and return policy, visit the company’s website here.

AJ Richies: Product images & screenshots
AJ Richies Coupons
AJ Richies: Customer reviews & comments

AjRichies has generally positive reviews. Affordable prices, good ordering process, and their great selection of products are the strengths of AjRichies. Here are some positive reviews on AjRichies:

“Easy shopping, great prices & free shipping. Just love it!!!" – Shiela Fossett via Nextag (http://www.nextag.com/ibuydigital~153672zzzreviewsz1zmainz17-htm)

"Very good experience, the sales person was very helpful." – Danalex via ResellerRatings (http://www.resellerratings.com/store/AjRichard)

I also found many negative reviews regarding AjRichies, especially at Shopping.com (http://www.shopping.com/xMR-store%2Bajrichard~MRD-9390). Complaints were mostly on delayed shipping, slow processing time, and hidden charges:

"More than 20 business days (a month) with free shipping and no info available about where my SLR camera is, try to speak with a rep they had no info, if I got no info this week I will cancel the order and never use this web again." - Leftian Karagjozi via Nextag (http://www.nextag.com/ibuydigital~153672zzzreviewsz1zmainz17-htm)

“I will need to keep a sharp watch on my credit card to be sure the info hasn't ended up in the hands of an id thief. I cannot believe that ajRichard has a legitimate 4-star rating. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.” – Gastan via Shopping.com (http://www.shopping.com/xMR-AJRichies~MRD-9390~RD-570129550980)

“This merchand deliberately low balls his price with Free shipping and then add about $40 Handling & Insurance.” – Dbuys.com via Dealtime.com (http://www.dealtime.com/xMR-store+ajrichard~MRD-9390?sb=1)

However, AjRichies are open to any customer’s feedback and immediately resolves any issues.

“I am happy to say that AjRichie contacted me immediately about my dissatisfaction issue and rectified it immediately to my total satisfaction. I can say I never have had such a quick response by a company to an issue like this and I will now say that I will recommend this company to others." – Benedetti via ResellerRatings (http://www.resellerratings.com/store/AjRichard)

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Comments (13)

Super review explained in great detail.I did not get an email this was published.I hope I am not going back to that again. I accidently found this published.

excellent work.

Eric Grisham

"BUYER BEWARE!! I attempted to buy a Canon 60d from this company. You will get a receipt saying you need to call and confirm the order. This is a attempt to get you to upgrade at inflated prices. I was told this was a Gray Market camera and the language was in Japanese with no English and I needed to upgrade to the USA model for another $100.00 plus dollars more if I wanted English. ALL Canon cameras have 25 languages built in (check Canon website) so I knew the guy was lying to me right off the bat. Then he told me the battery that comes with the camera is not a good battery and they only last 20 to 30 minutes and I should by an extended life battery, which I also knew was not true as this battery is the same as the 7d which is an excellent battery known for it's long life during shooting. I cancelled my order on the spot as at this point I believe the salesman was not being at all truthful.I have bought many items over the internet including other cameras and video equipment but have never had anyone ever outright lie to me so they could upgrade my order. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT EVER BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY."

view survey Edit Review

Your Order Information: # Canceled Order

Excellent review as always.thanks

I never heard of this company before...but as always you did an exceptional job in putting this piece together. Excellent work! Thanks for sharing


WHAT A NIGHTMARE ! Same as most of the other complaints that I have read.On 11/24/2011, I ordered a GZ-HD520BUS,JVC camcorder, priced at $370. A good price. On 11/26/2011, I received an email stating that I must call customer service to confirm information. I called and customer service proceeded to sell me everything and anything. He even advised me that the battery and charger that came with the system, were inferior(Not acording to JVC). I agreed to purchase a spare battery and charger. My order was now $530. I was told that that the order was good and would be shipped. My bank account was immediately deducted the $530. I waited patiently. On 12/6/2011, I called again to inquire about my order. He tried to sell me expedited shipping.I advised him that I had it. He checked and realized I did. He stated that it came in and I would have it by the end of the week. I asked if he was sure, because I had an important family ceremony coming up.He stated'"by the end of the week". That would have been by 12/9/2011. The ceremony came and went and still no camcorder. On 12/13/2011, I emailed the company about my dissapointment. I also advised them to cancel the battery and the charger. I also stated that I still wanted the camera, (email documented). On 12/14/2011, 21days later and still no camera. I received an email response stating that the entire order was cancelled. I called the customer service number and was advised that it had to be cancelled because it was a package purchase. I advised him that it was not. He was anything but helpful! He stated that there was nothing he could do. Their customer service is a secondary sales unit. I requested to speak to a manager and was put on hold. I was on hold for more than 25 minutes. I even emailed them, while I was on hold and advised them that I was still holding "16 minutes and still counting". Adam eventually came on the phone and advised me that my order was cancelled and my money was refunded. I advised him that I still wanted the camera. He stated that it was a discontinued model. ACCORDING TO JVC this is a 2011 model ! He stated that he was unable to get the camcorder. Also not according to JVC. I advised him that he had them on their website. But now they were at least $80 more than when I ordered mine. Adam stated that he would discount another camcorder. I asked him to send me an email stating that. He refused to do so. Then why would I go through this again. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.


I had the same experience trying to purchase a Canon T2i body. Great price online, but you will only get the product you ordered at the advertised price if you purchase enough overpriced accessories to go with it.

They send multiple emails requesting you to call them to confirm the same information over and over even after you confirm via phone the first time. Each attempt is to try to sell you more overpriced accessories. I eventually asked them to just ship what I ordered and asked them for a specific date for when it would ship. They would not provide a date and they very quickly suggested that I should cancel the order if I felt they were not reacting fast enough. Needless to say I canceled immediately thinking to myself; what store would recommend that I not purchase an item from them unless they had no intention of sending it to me at the price the price they had listed.

I recommend folks to read through the reviews for AJrichies.com and you will see a common theme. I can only believe the positive reviews are lies or people who ended up paying more with all the accessories than they would have by purchasing from their local store.


I ordered a camcoder through AJRichies.com online. After couple of days they send me an email to call them confirm the order. When I called the representative told me that they cannot fill the order and he was rude to me and he was trying to establish that all online retailers are like them.

Please let me know for any clarification.

AJRichies is just short of a scam site. They make you call to confirm your order but the real reason is to get you to buy other products by upselling to you over the phone. I placed an order in november 2011 and finally had to cancel April 3rd, 2012 after waiting that long. I called numerous times and although the customer service people are somewhat nice I recieved 3 seperate scenarios each time as to why my camera was not in stock. The real reason is becuase I never caved into there upselling tactics and oh opps becuase I didnt my camera was "magically out of stock".


Shame on you AjRichies and your bad business practices. Buyer beware!!!! if its sounds to good to be true it is.


I experienced the same sales propaganda everyone here seemed to experience from AJRICHIES.  I was upsold a bunch of stuff which was 3x what it was worth but being told it wasn't available anywhere else and that it was far superior than what was available anywhere else.  Was a lie, it was discovered after receiving what a scam this was.  I called and asked for an RMA just after receiving it and discovering the hoax.  I was told I would be emailed an RMA to return the items I didn't want.  After several calls and 3 days later I still haven't gotten my RMA from them, and now they aren't answering the phone or emails.  BEWARE!!!!

Dan Hullett Illinois

I experienced the same sales propaganda everyone here seemed to experience from AJRICHIES.  I was upsold a bunch of stuff which was 3x what it was worth but being told it wasn't available anywhere else and that it was far superior than what was available anywhere else.  Was a lie, it was discovered after receiving what a scam this was.  I called and asked for an RMA just after receiving it and discovering the hoax.  I was told I would be emailed an RMA to return the items I didn't want.  After several calls and 3 days later I still haven't gotten my RMA from them, and now they aren't answering the phone or emails.  BEWARE!!!!

Dan Hullett Illinois

Well written review

posted 2014-08-14  

"DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER PURCHASING FROM THESE CROOKSI was contacted after I placed an order with Ajrichies by Scott who tried to tell me that the camera I ordered was an international model and it was'nt built sturdy like the US model. He said it was made of plastic, did not come with a battery or charger and no warranty. He went on to try to sway me to the Canon 6D in place of the Canon 5D Mark lll saying that the 6D was a better camera for the same price. I told him I was'nt interested in anything but what I ordered and that camera was not listed as an international model on the website, which he continuously denied. He tried to push all kinds of combinations of products instead of what was advertised and I totally refused to budge. I finally told him to cancel the order and about 15 minutes later I received an email for an invoice for $3,599.00 on the original order of $2,499.00 and right at closing time on the weekend. Here are the invoices that I was sent. AjRichie.com Express Checkout Order has been received Thank you for your recent order with AjRichie.com.Orders can take 3-5 business days to be processed.If you chose the Free Ground delivery option, delivery can take anywhere from 10 to 14 business days to arrive at your location.If you wish to have your order expedited, please contact us at 614-556-4559 during normal business hours.Order date: 8/8/2014 1:21:22 PMWeb Confirmation #: 2418481Thank you for shopping at AjRichie.comBill To:Ship To: Shipping Method:Payment Method:Ground (10-12 Business Days)Master, XXXXXXXXXXXX Qty.SkuDescriptionPriceTotal1CANEOS5DMIII24105Canon EOS-5D Mark III with 24-/105mm f/4L IS USM AF Lens$2,499.00$2,499.00Sub Total:$2,499.00Promo:$0.00Shipping:$0.00Tax:$0.00Grand Total:$2,499.00This was the original order, then after the phone call about 15 minutes later I received this right at closing time.Bill ToWebID Item Name Qt y Price ea. Total pksf Package Price 1 $3,599.99 $3,599.99 cneos5diii24105rk EOS 5D Mark III W/ 24-105mm Retail Kit w/ Battery & Quick Charger 1 $0.00 $0.00 diglcdsp-de LCD Screen Protectors For Any Digital Camera 1 $0.00 $0.00 lck-de Camera and Lens Cleaning Kit 1 $0.00 $0.00 tttr-de Table Top Tripod 1 $0.00 $0.00 wr1yrsf 1 Year WorldWide Warranty Upgrade {Upgraded In box from Factory} *KIT 1 $0.00 $0.00 Package Subtotal: $3,599.99 Shipping $0.00 Total: $3,599.99 Now all of this took place after I had cancelled the order so I had to call again Monday and tell them again to cancell the order and got into a heated argument and was hung up on. Afterwards I received this.Dear Your order has been Billed under our Corporate name AJ BH. Your order has been sent to the warehouse, and will be shipped shortly , if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 614-556-4559 715 & we will be glad to help. Once Again Thank You For Shopping With AJRichie.com, we really appreciate it ! Now this was after I had cancelled the order twice and told this a__hole off over the phone before he hung up on me. He actually charged my card for $3,599.00 unauthorized on an original order of $2,499.00 which I cancelled twice. You can best believe that Ajrichies will hear from my attorney as they have committed fraud and stolen money from me. I keep very good records and have everything in place. This will be a wake up call for Ajrichies. I wish I had known before I got involved with these scammers. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company at all costs

Customer Reviews
AJ Richies Average Rating:
(2 ratings)
AJ Richies 1 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Erin Jones — 75 months ago
1.0 Star Rating: Not Recommended

I ordered a camera in march for our spring break vacation with our family in april it arrived the day before we left, it took a month to arrive, after I was told it would ship in a week. When I callled the customer service they were very rude with me, always giving me the run around about when the camera would arrive.

When the camera finally arrived I was very happy but unfortunately I made a bad choice in my camera selection, when I callled the customer service line again they were ... read more

mezz12 Lund — 74 months ago
1.0 Star Rating: Not Recommended

They are complete cheats they advertise 30 day easy return policy. It does not exist. I ordered on line they then phoned 12 days later and offered other things. I said if they had a 30 day return policy I would look at a battery and memory card but I did not think I really needed them. I was at work when they called (no computer or calculator) They added $180 to my bill and sent it as a package instead of individualizing them. So no returning the battery and card (value $ 50) they charged me ... read more

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